Website Work for Doug Stauffer & Andrew Ray

Dr. Doug Stauffer and Pastor Andrew Ray have teamed up to write several books together over the years. Now they have teamed up with us to build a web presence for One Book Rightly Divided.

In 2018 we had the privilege to install a Digital Missions Display at Antioch Baptist Church in Knoxville Tennessee.

The pastor, Dr. Andrew Ray, had visited our home church in Chelsea Michigan in 2018 for our Fall Fellowship which is the first weekend of October. Dozens of preachers gather in Chelsea Michigan at Faith Baptist Church to encourage and edify each other during this great time of fellowship.

I was introduced to Pastor Andrew Ray who has written several books including:

In addition to meeting Dr. Ray, we were introduced to Dr. Doug Staufer, author of a powerful book called One Book Rightly Divided:

After we made it to Knoxville to install the Digital Missions Display, brother Stauffer took us out to get a bite to eat. We were treated to a demonstration of how powerful the word of God can be. Brother Stauffer answered many of the questions we had concerning end times, child rearing, and the state of the Christian in America.

The following day, we were working on training some of the members of Antioch Baptist Church how to use the Digital Missions Display. We also took a lot of video footage on the property, including drone footage for a video promo that would eventually make its way into the Digital Missions Display.

Once we had established a relationship, attended a couple of services and got to know brother Stauffer, we started a discussion on the idea of building a web presence for the publication of One Book Rightly Divided.

After that meeting and discussing the ways we could help with One Book Rightly Divided sales, we are proud to announce that Digital Missions Display parent company, Douglas Web & Graphic Design, Inc. has been commissioned to build an e-commerce website for brother Stauffer and brother Ray.

Thank you brothers, for your encouragement and endorsement of Digital missions Display and Douglas Web Designs.

We are looking forward to working with these good men.

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