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2 Timothy 3:16-17

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Display all of your missionary prayer letters, images, videos, and prayer cards, and use QR codes to connect directly to the missionary by text, phone call, email, social media and visit websites.



Communicating missions efforts to congregations and supporters can be a challenge for churches and missionary organizations. The traditional paper maps, flanagrams, thumbtacks, strings, or document holders have 



Many organizations are frustrated with the limitations of these traditional methods and are actively seeking more effective ways to share updates and engage their communities. However, they struggle to find a



Digital Missions Display offers an innovative solution to this problem. By providing a dynamic, engaging platform for displaying missions updates, this digital solution replaces the tired old paper maps, flanagrams,

digital mission display connects members to missionaries

Seems everyone has a device in their hands nowadays. So why not use that device to connect to supported missionaries? Simply take out your phone, open the camera app, scan a QR Code, and be instantly connected to your supported missionaries!

Raise | Send | Support | Pray

Our goal for Digital Missions Display is to help bring awareness to missions, missionaries, and the Biblical Mandate to Raise, Send, Support, and Pray for those led to become missionaries.

Raise: The Philippian church helped raise Paul up in times of need, providing for his physical and spiritual needs as he carried out his missionary work.

Send: Their financial support enabled Paul to be sent out on his missionary journeys, spreading the Gospel to new places and people.

Support: The church’s consistent support sustained Paul throughout his ministry, allowing him to focus on his calling without worrying about his basic needs.

Pray: Paul acknowledges the power of prayer, recognizing that the prayers of the Philippians were essential for his strength, guidance, and success in his ministry endeavors.

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What Is Digital Mission Display?

Digital Missions Display is a tech-ministry that offers the very best solution for presenting missionaries at your church. A technology solution for churches that help members have secure, instant access to pre-determined information about their supported missionaries & ministries. Digital Missions Display offers a modern and interactive alternative to traditional methods of presenting missionary information, such as construction paper and flannel boards. With Digital Missions Display, churches can present missionary information in a clear and concise manner, and can easily add and manage all of their missionary data remotely. The system securely stores missionary letters, images, and customizable ministry information. Features auto-generated QR codes that are created by the software which members can scan with their own devices to instantly access the missionary-provided email, website, videos, and other relevant information.

Battle tested and proven in churches across America. The leader in missions wall presentations.

By training church missionary leaders now, on how to connect members to missionaries, using touchscreen technology, your ministry will be helping to lead the next generation of missionaries into the missions field.
The aim of Digital Missions Display is to provide a modern and innovative solution for churches to promote their missions program, using eMin Resources missionsApp and making it easier for your congregation to connect with missionaries.

We Are Connecting Members to Missionaries

“What a great tool for keep up to date with our missionaries most recent updates! So nice to look at the display and see each location and be able to get all the information in one place. Highly recommend!” Church Leader   -Luke L.

A Complete Package Includes:

  • 65″ Commercial Touchscreen monitor
  • Heavy-duty wall mount
  • Cables & Cords
  • Windows 10 Pro Mini PC
  • Software Configuration
  • AnyDesk Remote Software
  • Software Training via Zoom!*

We also provide just the software, so if you’re already equipped, give us a call.

Your Software Training Includes:

  • Phone Support*
  • 40+ Minute Training Session
  • Zoom! Video Conference
  • Remote Login Setup
  • Suggestions for Success
  • Missions Software Customization
  • Graphic Support

Questions? Call us anytime for Answers!

qr codes mission display software connects misisonaries instantly

We Simply Cannot Miss the opportunity for our youth to connect to missionaries.

Digital Missions Display uses InTouch 2020 Missions Software for Connecting Members to Missionaries.

How does Digital Mission Display
help your members?

Members will have secure, instant access to all of your supported missionary
information. Leave the construction paper and flannel boards behind!

  • Present missionary information clearly and concisely
  • Add all of your missionary data remotely
  • Securely store missionary letters, images, personal information
  • Auto-generated QR codes to scan with your own device.
  • Instant access to email, website, video, and more.

Why Choose Us?


Since 2015 our burden has been to get Mission Display in every church. We are committed to bringing more prayer to missionaries and edifyling the brethren. Digital Missions Display is a one of a kind and unique vessel for God’s Heart which is Missions.


The equipment we offer is a premium quality, commercial grade, and carries 3-year manufacturer warranties. Using the proprietary InTouch Missions2020 App from eMin Resources, the software runs on over 1000 displays nationwide. The software can be modified relatively easily to resemble your church brand exactly.

Forward Moving

We have been working with churches since 2015 helping the Body of Christ offering cutting-edge technology. Our prayer is that every church uses this technology bridge the gap. Our daily goal is to provide the very best products, service, and tech support hands-down.


Our Pastor, Adam Summers is a clear supporter of what we are doing for the Lord. Other Pastor and church referrals are available on Google, this website, or by request. Praise the Lord! Digital Missions Display has a 5-star customer rating on Facebook and Google. 


Uses the powerful & proven InTouch Missions2020 Application



A touchscreen device designed for churches to keep in contact with their supported missionaries



Unread letters, cluttered
wall projects, in many ways
missionaries have become a forgotten people



In an age where individuals watch videos and interact with touch devices, the Missions Display engages  and keeps the attention of the user

Replace the
Cluttered Walls
And Construction
Paper with Touchscreen


Money Going to
Missionary Technology

70% Building Fund
19% Outreach Programs
10% Payroll
1% Missionary Technology

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Digital Missions Display
Based on 6 reviews
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We absolutely love the digital missions display! The product is top notch, the software is well designed and easy to use, and most of all, Bro Paul is a tremendous blessing and extremely thoughtful and helpful. I would recommend this to any church looking to push their missions program to the next level!
Response from the owner: Pastor thank you very much for this wonderful review! You all were such a blessing to my family and I - giving them an opportunity to sing a special and having me speak to the congregation about Biblical Missions was an absolute blessing.
The Digital Missions Display is such a blessing to our church and it truly does connect members with missionaries. From our youngest members to our oldest the display is easy to use. It is also easy to update the missionaries information, post their prayer letters, pictures, and video with the provided software. Our people love it and it makes getting to know and pray for the missionaries more effective.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We're thrilled to hear that the Digital Missions Display has become a valuable resource for your congregation. It's great to know that members of all ages find it easy to use and that updating the missionaries' details has been hassle-free. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're delighted that the display helps foster a closer connection between your church members and missionaries. Thank you for sharing your experience and for your commitment to supporting missionaries through prayer and engagement.
Paul was very helpful and quick to reply to my questions. During the setup process, he was able to walk me through, step-by-step. This digital Missions Board looks great!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the great review! It was a pleasure helping you get your Missionaries moved from your working computer the Mision Display Computer! I am available whenever you need anything pertaining to Digital Missions Display.
Brother Paul Douglas, founder of Digital Missions Display Systems, has been a great help to our church in presenting and promoting Missions. We could not be happier with the digital display system! The touch screen brings missions directly in front of you. He and his wife Tamara joyfully and passionately minister to connect congregations to missionaries. I am very proud of their service to God and churches, and recommend them wholeheartedly to all pastors and churches!- Pastor Steven Griffith- Mountain View Baptist Church, Cowpens, South Carolina
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to share your experience with Digital Missions Display Systems. Tamara and I are truly blessed to serve the Lord by connecting congregations with His missionaries. It's encouraging to hear how the touch screen display has positively impacted Mountain View Baptist Church.We are grateful for your support and recommendation. It's our prayer that we can continue to assist more churches in highlighting the vital work of missionaries around the globe.
Wonderful resource for any missions-minded church. Promotes knowledge of and interaction with our missionaries. Display itself is sharp. Software is well-organized and simple to manage. Brother Paul does a wonderful job assisting with setup, support, etc. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Pastor David, thank you so much for your kind review! It’s heartwarming to hear that the Mission Display is serving its purpose so well in your church. We're glad you find the software user-friendly and the display clear and engaging. It's always a pleasure to assist with setup and support, ensuring you have everything you need to stay connected with your missionaries. Your recommendation means a lot to us. May the Lord continue to bless your church’s efforts in missions.
Wonderful, and great people, a real heart for the Lord!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you brother Cooper for the wonderful review!
Mission Display
Based on 12 reviews
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We have used this display for our church and it is a game changer! I find so much joy when the kids get involved and watching the videos. It also helps us stand out from other churches in the area, bringing the church into the 21st century. I would highly suggest this tool to any and every church. Also, the "tech support" is above and beyond my expectations.
One simple question: When was the last time you saw a child spend more than 2 seconds glancing at a missionary bulletin board? The digital missions display provides access to more info than a typical bulletin board will provide while being attractive to the younger generations as well (it's basically a giant iPad). The interaction of your church family with recent photo and video content from individual missionaries as well as the ability to see updated prayer letters really is a blessing.

Plus, last I checked getting our children interested in missions was a good thing (it's not like we don't bribe them with candy in Sunday school, right?)
We really love what mission display does for a church! It is such a cool way of connecting the members of our church to the missionaries that are on the field. God has a heartbeat for missions and it is just biblical that we as the church have the same. I believe mission display is definitely helps in keeping our missionaries before our people.

Thank you Paul! Keep up the good work!

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