Thank you for subscribing!

Here are you instructions and install links!

1. The install and download links above give you access to the InTouch Missions2020 Missionary Application.

2. The software must be activated by us for you to use all of the features including unlimited missionaries.

3. Once you have installed the Missions Application, please call or email me! (734) 330-0570 EST or with the

a. Email you want to have on file

b. Your Ministry ( church ) Name

c. Contact Phone Number that you would like us to use to register your product.

4. Prior to us receiving a, b, & c mentioned above, you will only have basic functionality of the software and the ability to add 3 missionaries. Please send the information listed above as soon as possible so we can record those details and fully activate the application.

5. Your software installation includes the missions application and hardware support for as long as you are subscribed. We update your computer and keep in running in tip top shape!

Again we thanks you and welcome you to the Mission Display Family!

-Paul Douglas

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