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Paul & Tamara Douglas are faithful believers who are involved in church ministry. Married with children, and now living in Moore, SC, our hearts were burdened for missions since the start of our church membership. You can read our Statement of Faith here. We are following the cue of Pastor Adam Summers, a missions-minded preacher with a burden for participating in the Great Commission, connecting members to missionaries, and reaching the lost in their own heart language.

Greetings! I’m Paul, and alongside my amazing wife Tamara, we’re on a mission to Connect Members to Missionaries. Our journey began at Faith Baptist Church in Chelsea, Michigan, but now we call Moore, South Carolina, home. We’re proud to be sent out from Mountain View Baptist Church, a 125-year-old Independent Fundamental Bible-believing Baptist church nestled in Cowpens, SC.

Married with 5 kids, our passion for spreading God’s Word through misisons has taken us on one incredible adventure after another. Our pastor Adam Summers, has been missions-minded from a young age, we share his fervor for the Great Commission, which propelled us forward in our mission.

Back in 2014, Pastor Summers envisioned a touchscreen mission display, and from the pulpit asked if anyone could figure such a thing out. I jumped at the challenge. With a love for technology and a touch of divine guidance, I found the perfect solution—a touchscreen display powered by the cutting-edge software. I set up a 70″ TV with touchscreen overaly and an Intel NUC mini computer, and voila! We now had a mission display!

But that was just the beginning. God urged me for years to do more for missions and eventually I surrendered to fulltime ministry in order to break down barriers in church tech, which led to the creation of the Digital Missions Display Ministry — a beacon of innovation and accessibility inside the church and within the digital realm.

I take meetings and my family hits the road, either to talk about the Biblical Mandate for Misisons, or installing these game-changing displays and sharing insights on other digital tools like live-streaming and social media. With my skills as a WordPress Web Developer, graphic designer, and marketing, Digital Missions Display is making waves in the digital mission field.

Our mission, inspired by Philippians 4:15-17, is all about giving and growing together. As the apostle Paul said, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.” Come join us as we light up the world with the Gospel, one touchscreen at a time!

If you’re interested, you can see my passion for missions in these YOUTUBE VIDEOS. For more information about the functionality of Digital Missions Display Software, please check out these self-help videos:

We would greatly appreciate your prayers and consideration for us to install your Mission Display. As we travel frequently, your prayers hold immense value to us.

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