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As you know, God’s heart is for missions. in 2014 my pastor, Adam Summers of Faith Baptist Church in Chelsea Michigan asked the congregation if anyone knew how to create a touchscreen display that was directed towards missions, to come to him and propose a plan. After about 6 months of interviewing different software developers and even considering building something myself, I found a company that had built and updated a powerful missions-minded software app for Windows. As of 2018, the software is on version5. So, I put together a 70″ tv with a touchscreen overlay for our church and all was well. It worked great and people were interacting with the “missions wall” like never before. But God had other plans for me and my family because each time I went to pray, He would burden my heart with “what are you doing with the mission display?” and I would reply in my heart, “Lord, it is completed and in the church.” Well, that wasn’t enough for our God. And what I believe He had in mind was a ministry to go…but not as a normal missionary. I believe He wanted a technology missionary. This is the point where Digital Missions Display, the ministry came into existence. Now 8-10 times a year my family and I go to churches, install the Digital Missions Display and teach the missions team or anyone in the church that wants to learn, the functionality of the display, and other technologies available like live-streaming, YouTube, and Social Media. We are commanded to adhere to Mark 16:15. Over the past few years, technology has evolved and the prices for equipment have come down so we now in a position to offer a “true” commercial touchscreen monitor by Philips, a mini Intel PC to drive the app, and the powerful eMin Resources Software to display as many missionaries you like, all bundled up in a package that we will install.   You can view my heart for missions here: And a little bit about the functionality of Digital Missions Display Software here: With this system, individuals can correspond directly with the missionary, read mission letters, view videos and view up to 5 images the missionary submits. In addition, phone numbers, birthdays and anniversaries stay secure in the privacy of your church. The software is not published on the internet but is completely accessible with the use of a free application called TeamViewer ( or any other computer to computer sharing software ) We hope you would pray and to consider having us install your Mission Display. Please pray for us, we travel often and would love for you to keep us in your prayers.

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Entrepreneur and mother of five children, Tamara uses her color and design skills to help create modern website designs. Having a skilled eye for determining the balance in layout and color coordination, she brings her expertise to bear on every project. Also a social media expert, she leverages those skills to shed light on current trends in small business development. As a WordPress Website Developer and Graphic Designer, Paul leverages his skills to create high-quality, content-rich websites for local businesses. Paul also likes to volunteer his talents, “for which I give all the glory to God”, in order to provide an effective web presence for other organizations. A web developer and tech-savvy individual combined with a heart for missionaries, my wife and I have embarked on this mission to get the Mission Display into all churches! The Mission Display Hardware and Software allow your visitors and members to get closer than ever to the supported missionaries in the field. He has volunteered his time and skills to build websites for Syndicated Christian Radio Host Bob Dutko, Missionaries, Evangelists, Pastors, and Churches. “Offering my time to build websites is one of the biggest blessings and the most gratifying and rewarding experiences I have had as a computer programmer & developer.” Paul also spent many years building and repairing desktop and laptop computers which helped round off his experience in computer science. Married to Tamara, they are raising their 5 children together and building a foundation for love and life through the pages of, and reliance on the King James Bible. Douglas Web Designs specializes in local web development. Building WordPress websites for small businesses, corporations, large & small businesses, and various organizations. Once a site is launched, it the goal of Douglas Web Designs to train the business owner in the use of WordPress and then turn over the new site to make it their own!

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