The Mission Display Application we use runs on Windows 10 in order to better service churches that purchase the Missions App, the software developer, eMin Resources has changed to a subscription model.

No longer is initial Investment for software $999. The new software is now subscription based at $20 a month when purchasing a computer from us, you will receive the new InTouch Missions2020 app installed on your intel NUC Computer, Initially, you will have limited use of the software. However, once you are subscribed, your software will be activated with all the great features.

Security is the #1 priority al e Min for the sensitive materjal installed on your Nissan Display computer by changing to a Subscription model you can expect more frequent updates, releases and security of the Missions Application.

The software displayed in this video is Version 5 ( the retired version ) Although our heart is for missions, it is important to make sure the Digital Missions Display Ministry keeps up on the latest technology. Launching the InTouch Missions2020 has taken the Mission Display to the next level!