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What is the Digital Missions Display?

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Pastor Williamson Comments on Digital Missions Display


Our pastoral endorsements range from small 40 member churches all the way up to 500+ memberships. Each Digital Missions Display comes with 1 year of technical support including help with remote access from any computer, tablet, or phone!


The Mission Display Application we use runs on Windows 10. In order to better service churches that purchase the Missions App, the software developer, eMin Resources has changed to a subscription model.

Instead of the initial investment of $999 for the Missions App, the software will cost $25 a month. When purchasing a computer from us, you will receive the new eMin Resources Missions2020 app installed on your Windows Computer.

Security is the #1 priority at eMin for the sensitive material installed on your Mission Display computer. By changing to a subscription model you can expect frequent updates, releases, and security of the Missions Application.