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What Is Digital Missions Display?

A working ministry that installs and trains church
missionary leaders how to connect members to
missionaries using digital technology including
touchscreen, remote pc, and
inTouch Missions 2020 Software

What is Missions Display?

We replace the tired old stationary missionary wall

  • commercial touchscreen display
  • uses powerful InTouch Missions2020 Application
  • add all of your missionaries remotely
  • securely store missionary letters
  • present missionary information
  • email misionary via QR code from your device
  • connect members to missionaries like never before

Why Choose Us?

Since 2014 our burden has been to get Mission Display in every church. We are committed to bringing more prayer to missionaries and edifyling the brethren. Digital Missions Display is a one of a kind and unique vessel for God’s Heart
which is Missions.

Our equipment is premium quality, commercial grade, and carries 3-years manufacturer warranties. We use the proprietary InTouch Missions2020 App
from eMin that is running on 100’s of displays and is maintained by skilled programmers. The InTouch2020 Missions App has been redeveloped from Version 5 to the new 2020 and can be modified to exactly resemle your church brand.

There has never been a better time in history to connect members to missionaries. Our prayer is that every church uses this technology bridge the gap.


Pastoral and church referrals are available on this website or by request. Digital Missions Display has a 5 star customer rating on Facebook and Google.


Let's Get Connected!

Church Project Locations


A touchscreen device designed for churches to keep
in contact with their supported missionaries


Unread letters, cluttered wall projects, in many ways
missionaries have become a forgotten people


In an age where individuals watch videos and
interact with touch devices, the Missions Display
engages and keeps the attention of the user

Replace the
Cluttered Walls
And Construction
Paper with Touch



Money Going to
Missionary Technology

70% Building Fund
19% Outreach Programs
10% Payroll
1% Missionary Technology

Technology Tools We Offer

Mission Display

Touchscreen Display

Functional Websites

WordPress CMS

Live Streaming

YouTube or Facebook

Are You Building A Missionary Wall?
Let Us Help With The Design!

Yearly Giving (In Millions)
Christians (In Millions)

Get in touch

Mobile: +1 (734) 330-0570
Office: +1 (517) 513-8386

23107 Linden Drive
Chelsea, MI 48118

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Our vinyl stickers are custom made in France and have extremely high durability at a very affordable cost. Please specify so we can pre-order.