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What Is Digital Missions Display?

A provider of an Interactive Touchscreen Church Missionary Displays!

Digital Missions Display is a technology solution for churches that helps members have secure, instant access to information about supported missionaries. It offers a modern and interactive alternative to traditional methods of presenting missionary information, such as construction paper and flannel boards. With Digital Missions Display, churches can present missionary information in a clear and concise manner, and can easily add and manage all of their missionary data remotely. The system securely stores missionary letters, images, and personal information, and provides auto-generated QR codes that members can scan with their own devices to instantly access email, websites, videos, and other relevant information.

Battle tested and proven in churches across America.

The leader in missions wall presentations.

By training church missionary leaders now, on how to connect members to missionaries, using touchscreen technology, your ministry will be helping to lead the next generation of missionaries into the missions field.

The aim of Digital Missions Display is to provide a modern and innovative solution for churches to promote their missions program, using eMin Resources missionsApp and making it easier for your congregation to connect with missionaries.

Connect Members to Missionaries


A Package Includes:

  • 65″ Commercial Touchscreen monitor
  • Heavy-duty wall mount
  • Cables & Cords
  • Windows 10 Pro-Mini PC
  • Mini PC mounting system
  • Software Training via Zoom!

We also provide just the software, so if you’re already equipped, give us a call.

Your Software Training Includes:

  • Phone Support
  • 40 Minute Training Session
  • Zoom! Calls
  • Remote Login Setup
  • Suggestions for Success
  • Software Customization


Questions? call us anytime for Answers!

We simply cannot miss the opportunity for our youth to connect to missionaries.

Digital Missions Display and the eMin 2020 Missions Software is Connecting Members to Missionaries.

How does Digital Mission Display help your members?

Members wil have secure, instant access to all of your supported missionary information.

Leave the construction paper and flannel boards behind!

  • Present missionary information clearly and concisely
  • Add all of your missionary data remotely
  • Securely store missionary letters, images, personal information
  • Auto-generated QR codes to scan with your own device.
  • Instant access to email, website, video, and more.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2014 our burden has been to get Mission Display in every church. We are committed to bringing more prayer to missionaries and edifyling the brethren. Digital Missions Display is a one of a kind and unique vessel for God’s Heart
which is Missions.

The equipment we offer is premium quality, commercial grade, and carries 3-year manufacturer warranties.

Using the proprietary InTouch Missions2020 App from eMin Resources the software is running on over 1000 displays nationwide.

The software can be easily modified to exactly resemble your church brand.


We have been working with churches since 2015 helping the Body of Christ offering cutting-edge technology. Our prayer is that every church uses this technology bridge the gap.


Pastoral and church referrals are available on this website or by request. Digital Missions Display has a 5 star customer rating on Facebook and Google.


*Uses the powerful & proven InTouch Missions2020 Application

Let's Get Connected!

Church Project Locations


A touchscreen device designed for churches to keep
in contact with their supported missionaries


Unread letters, cluttered wall projects, in many ways
missionaries have become a forgotten people


In an age where individuals watch videos and
interact with touch devices, the Missions Display
engages and keeps the attention of the user

Replace the
Cluttered Walls
And Construction
Paper with Touchscreen



Money Going to
Missionary Technology

70% Building Fund
19% Outreach Programs
10% Payroll
1% Missionary Technology



$20 / month
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • Email Support


$480 / 26 months
  • 26 Months for the Price of 24
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • 24 Hour Email Support


$720 / 39 month
  • 39 Months for the Price of 36
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • Same Day Text/Phone Support
Google 5-Star Rating

Additional Technology Tools We Offer

Touchscreen Display

WordPress CMS

YouTube or Facebook

Are You Building A Missionary Wall?
Let Us Help With The Design!

Solutions for any church size

Yearly Giving (In Millions)
Christians (In Millions)

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