Have a look at a typical buyer.

TL;DR 3 minutes: 

Here’s a buyer persona for a 35-50 year old male pastor of a Baptist Church who is missions-minded and frustrated with the lack of engagement his congregation has with supported missionaries:

Name: Pastor John Matthews

Pastor John Matthews is an experienced and dedicated pastor at a Baptist Church. He has a strong passion for missions and believes in supporting missionaries locally and abroad. However, he has noticed a lack of engagement and connection between the congregation and the supported missionaries. This has become a source of frustration for Pastor John as he strives to foster a missions-minded community within his church.


    • Age: 35-50

    • Gender: Male

    • Location: United States

    • Education: Bible College graduate or generational preacher

    • Church Role: Pastor

    • Denomination: Baptist

    • Goals and Motivations:

    • Increase congregation engagement: Pastor John wants to ignite a passion for missions within his church and create meaningful connections between the congregation and supported missionaries.

    • Strengthen missions program: He is motivated to develop a robust and active missions program that impacts the lives of both the congregation and the missionaries they support.

    • Enhance communication and information sharing: Pastor John aims to find a solution that facilitates seamless communication, making it easier for church members to stay connected with missionaries and their work.

Pain Points and Challenges:

Lack of engagement: Pastor John is frustrated by the lack of interest and engagement from the congregation when it comes to supporting and connecting with missionaries.

    • Communication barriers: He finds it challenging to effectively communicate missionary updates and relevant information to the congregation in a way that captures their attention and encourages their involvement.

    • Time constraints: As a busy pastor, Pastor John faces time constraints and seeks a solution that can streamline processes and save him valuable time and effort.

How Digital Missions Display Can Help:

    • Engaging missionary presentations: Digital Missions Display offers interactive and visually captivating displays that can capture the congregation’s attention and ignite their interest in supported missionaries.

    • Seamless communication and updates: The software’s features, such as auto-generated QR codes and secure storage of missionary letters, enable Pastor John to easily share updates and relevant information with the congregation, fostering better communication and connection.

    • Enhanced congregation involvement: With Digital Missions Display, Pastor John can provide a modern and innovative platform that encourages active participation and engagement with supported missionaries, inspiring a missions-minded culture within the church.

Key Message to Pastor John:

“Revitalize Your Missions Program and Connect Your Congregation with Missionaries in a Meaningful Way! Digital Missions Display offers a cutting-edge software solution that brings missionary presentations to life, enhances communication, and renews the passion for missions within your church. Say goodbye to disengagement and hello to a thriving missions community!”

By understanding Pastor John’s frustrations, goals, and motivations, Digital Missions Display can tailor their marketing message to resonate with his needs and position its solution as the answer to his challenges in engaging the congregation with supported missionaries.3 minute read.

Let's look at another example.

TL;DR 3 Minutes:

Here’s a buyer persona for someone who is actively searching for Digital Missions Display software:

Name: Sarah Missionary Coordinator


Sarah is a dedicated missionary coordinator at a local church. She is passionate about supporting missionaries and connecting the congregation with their work. Sarah has experience in organizing mission events and has been using traditional methods to display missionary information, such as bulletin boards and paper materials. However, she recognizes the need to modernize the church’s approach and enhance engagement with the congregation.



    • Age: 35-45

    • Gender: Female

    • Location: United States

    • Education: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field

    • Church Role: Missionary Coordinator or Missions Ministry Leader

    • Tech Savviness: Comfortable with technology but may not be an expert

Goals and Motivations:


    • Improve missionary engagement: Sarah wants to create a more immersive and interactive experience for the congregation to connect with supported missionaries.

    • Enhance communication: She seeks a solution that facilitates seamless communication between church members and missionaries, making it easier to access relevant information and stay updated on their work.

    • Streamline administration: Sarah aims to simplify the management of missionary data, such as letters, images, and ministry information, by transitioning to a digital platform.

Pain Points and Challenges:


    • Outdated methods: Sarah is frustrated with the limitations of traditional methods like bulletin boards, which lack interactivity and require frequent manual updates.

    • Time-consuming processes: She feels overwhelmed by the time and effort required to manage missionary information, especially when it involves physical materials that need constant maintenance.

    • Limited resources: Sarah is conscious of the church’s budget and needs an affordable solution that can deliver a high-quality digital missions display experience.

How Digital Missions Display Can Help:


    • Simplified missionary information management: The software allows Sarah to easily store and update missionary data remotely, reducing the administrative burden.

    • Engaging and interactive displays: Digital Missions Display provides a modern and visually appealing solution that captures the attention of church members and encourages their active involvement.

    • Seamless communication: The software’s features, such as auto-generated QR codes and secure storage of missionary letters, enable quick and direct access to relevant information, fostering better communication between the congregation and missionaries.

Key Message to Sarah:

“Revolutionize Your Missions Program and Connect Your Congregation with Missionaries Like Never Before! Digital Missions Display provides an affordable and user-friendly software solution that streamlines missionary information management, enhances engagement, and facilitates seamless communication. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the power of digital technology for your missions ministry.”

By understanding Sarah’s needs, motivations, and pain points, Digital Missions Display can tailor its marketing and communication efforts to effectively reach and engage her as a potential customer.