1. Purpose

This Telemarketing Policy is established to ensure that Digital Missions Display, LLC complies with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), and all applicable state laws related to telemarketing activities. The purpose of this policy is to outline the practices necessary to safeguard consumer rights and ensure ethical and lawful conduct in our telemarketing efforts.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and third parties involved in telemarketing activities on behalf of Digital Missions Display, LLC.

3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  1. Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA): We will obtain prior express written consent from consumers before initiating any telemarketing calls using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice. We will honor all Do-Not-Call requests and maintain an internal Do-Not-Call list.

  2. Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR): We will provide truthful and accurate information in our telemarketing communications. We will disclose all material information about the goods or services being offered, including the total cost and any restrictions on the use or availability of the product.

State Laws: We will comply with all applicable state laws concerning telemarketing, which may include additional registration requirements, stricter regulations on calling times, and adherence to more comprehensive Do-Not-Call lists.

4. Training and Procedures

All personnel involved in telemarketing activities will receive training on this policy and the relevant legal requirements. Training will be conducted at the commencement of employment and regularly thereafter to ensure ongoing compliance. We will establish clear procedures for documenting consumer consent, processing Do-Not-Call requests, and handling complaints.

5. Monitoring and Enforcement

We will regularly monitor telemarketing activities to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable laws. Violations of this policy will be addressed promptly and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

6. Consumer Rights and Complaint Handling

We are committed to respecting consumer rights. Consumers may request information about the origin of the call and have the right to be placed on our Do-Not-Call list at any time. All complaints related to our telemarketing activities will be logged and addressed in a timely and respectful manner.

7. Record Keeping

We will maintain records of all telemarketing activities, including records of consumer consent, Do-Not-Call requests, and training records, for a period of at least five years or as required by law.

8. Policy Review and Updates

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure compliance with new or amended laws and regulations.

Adoption of Policy

This policy was adopted by Digital Missions Display, LLC on May 30, 2024, and is effective immediately.