What is missiondisplay.org

Digtial Missions Display is an interactive, up-to-date online platform connecting members with missionaries around the world. By giving members easy access to the full stories of missionaries, their successes, and their stories of service, MissionDisplay.org is revolutionizing missionary work and helping to strengthen connections between members and missionaries.


MissionDisplay.org provides members of with a touchscreen interface that makes it easier than ever to look up missionary profiles and read their stories. The touchscreen display makes navigating the software a breeze, allowing users to quickly and easily find the information they need and get to know the missionaries they are connected to.

Missionary Interaction

The Digital Missions Display platform encourages interaction between members of The Church and the missionaries who serve them. Members can comment on the missionary’s posts, ask questions, and send messages to their missionaries using QR codes that make interacting as easy as using their email or web browser app. This allows members to get to know their missionaries better, as well as show their appreciation for the sacrifices missionaries make as they serve.

Keeping Up To Date

The mission stories and updates found on the Digital Mission Display are always up to date, so members can be sure they are getting the most recent information about their missionaries. This allows members to stay connected to their missionaries and be part of their missions, even from a distance.

Connecting Members To Missionaries

The Digital Missions Display provides members of The Church with the opportunity to connect with their missionaries in a meaningful and timely way. The platform makes it easy for members to read mission stories and updates, comment on posts, and send messages to their missionaries using QR codes and their handheld devices. By connecting members to their missionaries, Digital Mission Display is helping to strengthen relationships and create a stronger bond between members and missionaries.

MissionDisplay.org is revolutionizing the way members stay connected with their missionaries. By providing an interactive, up-to-date platform, Digital Mission Display is helping members to get to know their missionaries better and creating a stronger bond between members and missionaries.

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