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Get your missionary information out to your members on a local computer or touch screen tv.

See the Ministry Kiosk Software in action

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Mission Display Software Version 5 

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The only missions software designed exclusively from the ground up for missions.

Information input into the software is displayed on the local computer.

Missionary information is not exposed to the web!



Missions Software gives you full control of what content you display. Here are a few great features:

  • Missionary Image
  • Missionary Video
  • Missionary Letters
  • Missionary Website ( external website can also be blocked )
  • Missionary Email ( choose whether emails are sent to an administrator for review before going to the missionary )
  • Missionary Location by Longitude/Latitude
  • Missionary Sending Church Name
  • Unlimited Missionary Embeds

Change the banner that is displayed and market your church accordingly

Embed a video in the main area that plays in a loop

Powerful map that your visitors can zoom in on and pinpoint the exact location of your missionary

Display each of your supported missionaries including their prayer letters and up to 5 images

Choose from many different sidebar applet layouts

See the Ministry Kiosk Software in action

2 reviews for V5 Missions Software

  1. Phil

    This software has changed the way the children and adults in our church interact with our missionaries. The investment was worth every cent as we know have visitors and members interacting that would have never seen who we support! Thanks eMin

  2. M. Adam Summers

    As the pastor of a church with a tremendous burden for missions, I am always looking for ways to keep our missionaries, their families, and their needs, in front of the church members. For many years we had a bulletin board for each missionary and that is where we would post all of their letters. Unfortunately, as time and culture has changed, I found that many people were not even looking at all of those letters and pictures. We needed some way to bring the missionaries back into the people’s focus.
    For our church, the Missions Kiosk has been the solution. We have it placed in a very prominent place in our foyer, and, it is being used every service. It has held up very well to lot’s of use (which was one of my initial concerns). We fastened our 60″ screen to the wall at a height that was low enough for even our children to reach. As a result the kids have become familiar with our missionaries and many of them can even find their field of ministry on the world map.
    A huge thank you to Mr. Paul Douglas for building, programing, and maintaining our Missions Kiosk. His help and dedication have been invaluable.
    I would, without hesitation, recommend every church make the investment in this Missions Kiosk, and contact Mr. Douglas for all their support needs. It has not changed missions, but it has brought missions into a new and relevant light for our church members of all ages.

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